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SorlieTech has been set up in the Wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, Things changed rather dramatically for us all and particularly for businesses who found they had to close their premises, forcing everyone to adapt.

I decided to set up sorlietech in my spare time (evenings and weekends) to help local firms that may need some assistance with any tech troubles they may have.
My first success was with Veysey’s Butchers of Cullompton who contacted me through a mutual friend to see if I could help, they needed a Point of Sale system to help deal with having to switch from a shop, open to the public to a delivery service. They had been stretched to the limits with orders and needed a system to help make the ordering process faster and more reliable.
This System uses Forms which are great for touchscreen and can be easily added to.  
It is designed to allow the operator taking the order to very quickly build an invoice that can be saved and printed and has the capacity to add prices and VAT etc into the final invoice.
This System can be set up with multiple user terminals and a NAS (Network attached Storage) Hard drive to store the Access Database holding the customer data.

It should be noted that this is strictly in my spare time and as such I can only give support after 17:00 weekdays and on the weekends.

2021 and Beyond
Not content with just creating an Excel based Customer Service system,  I decided to create a fully self contained piece of software.

After discovering that Microsoft offered a suite of development tools using Visual Basic (Which is the same language used for Excel),
I decided to have a go at programming a windows application to replace the Excel tool I had developed.

Please enjoy this short video showing off what I was able to create!

If you would like to talk to us about a project, please send an email and we can discuss your needs.
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